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Arcade Flinger

Unlike your normal, not disabled, functional arcade games where you shoot enemies, in this one you just fling yourselves at them. It's great if you're tired of the preciseness and accuracy of button clicking and instead you want your main form of defense to be about as good as a drunken lazer tag employee. In the end though, the goal is the same as any arcade game, beat your high score! 


This game was slapped together with Harper Rhett on programming and models, and Giuliano De Pian on music and sound effects. It took a total of 9 days to create and was submitted for the Dream Arcade Archive Jam.

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Release date May 03, 2020
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorsHarper Rhett, Giuliano De Pian
Made withMagicaVoxel, Unity
Tags2D, 3D, Arcade, Physics, Space, Top-Down
Average sessionA few minutes


Volaxia Windows.zip 31 MB
Volaxia Mac.app.zip 33 MB

Install instructions

1. Unzip the file with your favorite unzipping program.

2. Open up the folder, and play the executable!


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That was more fun than it looked like it was going to be in the video. The slowmotion effect was not only a really cool addition but it helps the game play from being too chaotic.

As necessary as it is to have the ship wrap around the screen it actually made playing more fun too cause I could just fling the ship as fast as I want and that added some depth to the feel of the game. It's kind of like in Markiplier's Doom Eternal video:

@38:40 He explains that if the game had just let HIM push the button it makes a world of difference. In the little gif you have of the game play it shows making smaller calculated movements to take out the enemy ships, but the fact that you let me, the player, play the way I want to by flinging the ship as fast as possible it allows me to have more fun. So big plus in my book on that mechanic.

I really liked the mechanics and it was definetely in line with the topic of the jam!
It was a bit hard to remember the ouchie and non ouchie enemies, but that add to the challenge. I will def play it more often, curious to see if you added any secrets.

This is an interesting variation around the asteroid game theme. The slow motion mode is cool, liitle difficult to handle the ship with the inertie at the beginning but with practice it works well. Voxel graphics are a good choice for retro arcade style, good job on this entry !

I like the concept of the game! It got a small chuckle from me the first time I slingshotted my spaceship XD

this is a great little game, very well made. though i got to the second stage and them died due to circumstances outside my control didn't even see what had happened. do you have anything stopping the enemies from spawning inside the player? perhaps flip the screen the spawn positions horizontally depending on where the player is or something.

Super well polished, all the little gamefeel touches are probably my favorite thing about it. The mechanics are novel and fun even though they don't feel super deep. Was hard for me to remember which enemies were ouchie while I was playing, but that might be by design. Good job!

Nice work, I was following your progress during the jam.. I like the idea also of the arcade at the start of the game

I liked the game mechanics and the space invader feel! That combined with the uptempo music and fast speed was enjoyable !

I saw your model for the arcade cabinet in the Discord and I was instantly intrigued, and when I played it, it was honestly a really fun experience. I thought it was just a Galaga clone despite the text clearly saying it wasn't haha. I think the mechanics were really creative and I love how you made the extra effort to make the arcade cabinet model and even the insert coin feature! :D

honestly this is my new favorite arcade game! i like how all the dudes are 3d!