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Ever wondered what the gravity gun from Half-Life 2 is like in 2D? Well now you can find out! We created this game as an entry for the Mix and Game Jam, which has a theme of converting games from one dimension to another (3D to 2D or vice versa). Our game follows the story of a kid who happens to have some nightmares with monsters, and telekinetic abilities mimicking that of the gravity gun. We hope you enjoy!

Also: Yes. We know. The options button doesn't work!

  • ESC : Exit
  • R : Restart
  • Left Mouse  or - : Select/Throw Items
  • Right Mouse or + : Grab Items
  • WASD : Movement
  • Space : Jump
  • 1 & 2 or E & Q : Toggle Flashlight and Telekinesis

Credit to Patrick de Arteaga for the music, thanks my dude.

Install instructions

The file is simply a zip with an executable. Just right click the zip, un-package it, and play!


Nightmares.zip 26 MB


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aaaaaaaa good game

Very Nice liked the graphics

Also interesting first level, is there more coming? I really hope so.

(1 edit)

Better than Minecraft

Truly true my friend